Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My First Advertising Attempt

I just sent off the graphics for my first advertising space. How neat is that? I feel like a real business now. I don't plan on doing a ton of advertising at the moment, but when I see a place that looks like it would be a perfect fit how can I say no? You can check out my new fancy pants ads in the next issue of Spoon Zine coming out in June.

In the words of it's creator, Tina Jett:

"Spoon is a bi-monthly, digital zine project based on the little things that make life awesome: inspirations, experiences, and simplicity... a virtual pot pie of art, photography, food, travel, events, and life in general. The project will last for one year, beginning with Issue No. 1 (Dec/Jan 2011) and ending with Issue No. 6 (Oct/Nov 2011).

It is based upon the notion that...

  • the things that make us truly happy cost little or nothing
  • inspiration is everywhere
  • we should never take ourselves too seriously
  • there is beauty in the old
  • celebrating holidays, changing seasons, and life events remind us how we are all connected
  • we should never stop learning
  • we tend to get bogged down with too much excess, be it mass-produced and material goods, waste, drama, or action - simplify!"

Those are definitely sentiments I agree with and try to bring to every item I make. While I obviously hope that my first foray into advertising will turn out to be beneficial for me, I am just content to know that I have supported a creative endeavor like this and I am really excited to have been a part of it. So what are you waiting for? Go read the past issues of Spoon and get ready to read the newest one in a few short weeks!

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