Sunday, June 5, 2011

Real Live Proof That I'm A Winner!

After a hot and sticky week, the past few days have been gorgeous with a cool breeze and just enough warmth to let you know that summer is here. Today was no exception, and I was more than happy to have the beautiful weather, seeing as I was vending at the Media Fine Arts and Crafts Fair! I don't think my tent's pride ever fully recovered after having to endure all that rain during Art Star, so I'm sure even my tent was glad to stand in the sunshine and cool breeze.

This was my first year attending the Media fair as both a vendor and a buyer. I don't normally take a chance like that on a craft fair without at least attending it as a spectator first, but I had heard so many good things about the Media fair that I decided to give it a whirl. They closed down all of State Street and filled it with lovely vendors, delicious smelling foods, and of course, all the boutiques had their doors open wide to invite buyers in.

The vendors seemed a bit sparse for such a large craft fair, but I think some decided to not show for fear of rain. As a consequence there was lots of space to roam about and for people to sit and enjoy the atmosphere without feeling like they were just being jostled from booth to booth by the crowd. I doubt anyone was complaining about that.

All in all I would say it was a successful craft fair. I was happy to see many of my favorite items find new homes and I always enjoy seeing new vendors and products. I behaved myself and did not purchase anything from any vendors today (even though I wanted to!) because I am saving for a super special field trip next Saturday. I will tell you more about the adventure I have planned later. ;) For now I will leave you with this photo of me taken just after the fair ended.

I won first prize in the fiber category and received a big beautiful blue ribbon. Clearly this sort of situation calls for a double thumbs up and much excitement. I haven't participated in a craft fair before that has been juried like this on the day of, so this was a really fun surprise. I was still just excited that I had been chosen to participate in the craft fair, let alone told that I had some of the best items there! I promise to try to not let it go to my head. ;)


Arizona Girls said...

Way to go on winning! =)

My daughter loves scarves she would go nuts looking at yours! =)

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Arizona Girls said...

Oh forget new follower =)

Jaydemia said...

you scarves are so pretty!